Troubleshooting Zebra 2844 Thermal Printer

Using Zebra lp 2844 thermal printer is a really great option for business. Majority of these printers are used into places like where the people love to touch things they are not meant to. It gets all fiddled up with settings etc too quickly. Due to its use in the end of the production and finalization stage, people like to play with it in spare time. Its gets really frustrating that when major production is complete, this label printer misbehaves due to altered settings. Although, there is a quick method to say Goodbye to every altered setting and putting it back to normal.

Follow the steps below for a straight forward guide,


Hit the power reset button and switch the printer off. In case of Zebra ltp 2844 printer, it is located at the back. Give it a couple of second after turning off and turn it back on.


Now look for a single round button on the front panel. Press and Hold it down and wait for the flashing indicator light to blink in a sequence of,
(1 –> 1-2 –> 1-2-3 and goes on)
When it flashes for about four times, release that round button on front panel and your printer is reset to the FACTORY DEFAULTS.


Now this is a bit tricky step. All you got to do is to press and hold that single button on front panel and wait for the light to give five flashes/blinks and then release it. This will initiate the printing process with changing label width every time. Now with gradually increasing width getting printed you have to match your desired width and hit that single button on front panel again for locking it down for future. This is how the label width is calibrated.


Hold onto that button on the front panel again until the light flashes twice. Release the button immediately. This will then automatically set any other calibrations in the hardware. There will be no need of any user input in this step of calibration.


If your Zebra 2844 Thermal Printer is troublesome with computer link then you might need a Driver Reset. This could be done by reinstalling the driver all over. That could be done through the installation CD given along with the zebra printer troubleshooting manual with the printer. Otherwise you can always download a better version of zebra label printer driver 2844 from the Zebra Official Website, here.

Now your printer is all setup. It is ready for the process once again and will not misbehave for now. These steps should be understood and learned until for the next time.

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