Troubleshoot Your Lexmark Printer Problems Yourself

The Lexmark 1200 series is a good hit including the Lexmark x1270 printer among the medium size offices that require their print jobs done every sec. It’s a hardcore machine that is perfectly capable and could be relied on in the times of urgency and importance. Sometimes the time comes when you hit the Print command for your document and no action starts at the printer end. It really makes you annoyed when you go to the printer menu and find out the issue causing all this to happen is the printer status offline. This is a pretty common problem and there is absolutely no reason to freak out about it.

Not only the 1200 series Lexmark inherits this problem but it could also be seen in other printers like lexmark z600 and lexmark z605. All you have to do to solve this problem is to follow the simple steps given below.

  • Hit Start In Windows  –> Control Panel –> Device Manager  –> Your Printer Setting –> Select Use Printer Online

In case of disappointment,

  • Open Printer Menu –> Select Cancel all Prints

The printer would get online. This only happens when any of the printing jobs gets stuck internally due to some software conflicts. Cancelling all print jobs could simply get you away with this problem mostly.

Anyway, if the printer is still bothering you with the offline status then you need to remove all the printer entries that are made in the Devices and Printers option in Control panel. Remove all your printer entries from there and add it again. In case of a single entry just disable it, wait for fifteen seconds and enable it back on. This process will surely bring back the printer offline status off your printer. These methods mentioned above could definitely work for the Lexmark X1100 Series too.

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