Top 5 Fixes For Everyday Printer Problems

Printers are now becoming a part of our everyday life. We simply can’t kick them off from our offices nor can we fire them to hire new one. There is a need to develop a skill to fix at least the common problems that possesses the major probability of printer misbehave. These following steps would help you develop your skills in this regard.

Printing Action Is Too Slow?

Solving this problem will be beneficial to you in so many ways likes saving ink and increasing printing. There are a few steps we will have to take for these optimizations. This optimization would be for both the inkjet and laser printers.

  • Reduce The Print Quality
  • Get Maximum Data On Single Page
  • Choose A Faster Interface Between Printer And Computer
  • Print your Website Data Without Images
  • Add up Additional RAM in Your Printer

For the first step of reducing the printing quality, you will save both the ink and time for print outs. Select the Print and go to its properties to lower down the quality a bit. Our recommendation would be selecting the Draft mode.

For getting maximum data on a single page of word document, select the layout/watermark tab and pick 2 pages per sheet option to get it all arranged. This could be done for bulky receipts, spreadsheets and every other document that will be needed in future only for the reference purpose. Yes! The output would be much smaller but would definitely work for reference purposes.

For the interfacing, we would strongly suggest the USB 2.0 connection with your computer. In any other case of network printer, using the Fiber Optic Ethernet cable from printer to router would be highly recommended.  Last choice would be the Wi-Fi as it decreases the speed we are going for with the distance. If Wi-fi is the only choice you have then go for the 802.11n.

For printing website without the pictures, use your browser settings and uncheck the SHOW PICTURES option or any other option regarding this point. This would not allow the web pages to open with graphical images and just the data will be on screen. This will also help greatly.

Adding up the memory or RAM to your printer would mean the same. This will make the process much faster. Look up to your printer instruction manual and see if there is an update ability regarding RAM. If there is, get it increased in your printer.

Expensive Ink Issues?

This is a pretty common problem that people worry about. After buying a cheap inkjet printer, getting a new ink cartridge for every month really frustrates people. There is a very simple solution to that. Just go and buy a greater capacity cartridge for one time and keep refilling it again and again through refilling kits available in the market. This would definitely help up with saving more money. The refilled ink cartridges may produce much effect on quality than the branded ink cartridge.

Print Jobs Sent To Wrong Printer Every time?

This problem happens due to the automatic selection of any other printer as a default rather than the usual where you send your print jobs to. This happens a lot of times when you have recently upgraded your OS from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Solving it is also not much difficult. Got to the Devices and Printers option and reselect your desired printer as a Default.  Same fix would be successful for any other windows.

Spotty? Low Darkness? Horizontal Lines?

The problem that your printer is suffering from is called the clogged print head problem. This problem happens because of the infrequent use of the inkjet printer. Solving this is also very easy, try to find the software of printer utility. Run a test page through it and follow a step by step guide to lubricate it back on.

Wireless Printing, Too Slow?

It is always hard to beat a wire when it comes to wireless printing with a network printer.  If wireless printing is the only option then there are a few things that could help in speed it up. Remember, this can never meet the speed of an Ethernet Cable at this stage of technology. All you can do is,

  • Place your wireless printer as close as you can to the Wi-Fi Router.
  • Your wireless printer server must connect to support 802.11n

If the printer gets out of range of wireless network then it might show an error of not responding or network printer offline.

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