TEST Your Printer Performance HERE

For increasing the printer efficiency there are always some printer performance tests that could help you judge whether your printer is performing as much as it is supposed to. There are always a few printer performance statistics to look into before you can perform printer hardware or software optimizations. Here are a few steps that could help you test your printer performance.

Unformatted Text Document Testing

This test will let you calculate that how long your printer could take to print text documents. Take about 25 pages and run your test of only black and white printing of just raw unformatted data with no graphics, bolds or even italics. It could also be termed as a PURE PRINTING TEST. Run this test on different quality modes for separate data comparison. By running this test there will be few benefits from which you can learn from,

  • Time it takes print 25 pages
  • Time it takes to print 1 page
  • Comparison between timings of different quality printing

What you will learn would be a major time difference calculated for just a change in quality.

Photo Printing Test

In this performance test, a printer could be tested with variable sizes of a single photo on single paper. This picture to be used must be something that has many objects in it. For instance, oil painting, fruits, flower, old page, textured cloth, colorful candies, glass and skin in a single photo for testing.  The prints should be made by setting a different quality each time. There are a many things you can learn from in this test about your printer.

  • Evaluating color
  • Saturation
  • Brightness
  • Sharpness
  • Clarity
  • Time to print different quality

As we used the same image for every quality this test would show the remarkable result. Keep comparing the results and analyze what you are looking for and how much time is it going to cost.

Text-Graphics Mixed Test

For this test to perform, you will need to form a page with text written in bold and italic with headings, headers, footers. Also add a colored bar chart and highlight a few lines. Now, start the printing progress for 10 similar pages. Do with quality changes too. Here you will see what the difference would this mixed text and graphic test makes in comparison of photo and pure printing tests.

  • Timing ideas for qualities
  • Time for mixed graphic-text document
  • Judging your desired performance
  • Setting printer ink performance

Every one of these steps would be helpful in selecting your type of performance. It depends on what you are looking for (Time, Cost, and Quality). Remember, you have to let go of any of these two to get your desired one.

Cost Per Page Calculations

It is more of a mathematical method than a mechanical printing test. This test will let you calculate the exact cost analysis needed for increasing or decreasing both the time and quality. This test will be totally dependent on the cost of toner drum, ink and other consumables required for printing. This analysis will not include the cost of paper as there are different papers used in different scenarios. This test would be run on the two conditions,

  • Mixed Text-Graphic Cost Per Page Calculation
  • Pure Text Cost Per Page Calculation

DIVIDE cost of each item (toner drum, ink and other consumables) BY the total number of pages printed. This will EQUAL to the Cost per page for each item. Now you will have cost per page of all items. ADD the cost of per-page items and get the total cost per page.

Knowing how your machine works and setting its features to the desired need. This can save time, cost or quality accordingly. These tests could be done on any machine from workcentre 3220 and workcentre 3210 to HP Deskjet 1000 printer.