Solutions For Your Daily HP Printer Offline Issues

It’s a real pain for an organization to swallow the news of their printer being dead over and over. The workplaces where the load of work is very intensive, the printer is more of a basic necessity than a need. HP printers are mostly installed in every scale of a workplace. The reason behind it is the performance and quality of HP printers from the past. Along with these properties, the HP printers also come up with some issues that irritate very much. Luckily most of these problems are not very hard to solve and a simple walk through guide on HP printers could help bringing it back online.

Clones Conflicting Problem


If your HP 1310 printer is not waking up from the ‘sleep mode’ it went into from the time of last print and showing the printer offline message, then this could be fixed easily. This problem mostly appears in the HP 1310 model. The thing you have to do to solve this is to open up the control panel and look for printers and faxes. There you could see a list or a couple of clones of your own print, these are actually conflicting each other. Remove the whole list of printers from there and add your printer again. This could really solve the problem.

Printer Drivers Causing Some Trouble

The other problem that might be causing your printer to show offline status could be the unsuccessful installation of drivers and utility software. This problem may also include the changes made by the user to the driver or software by setting configurations. This problem could be fixed by simply rolling up the driver completely along with the utility software and re-installing it again after a reboot. The driver issue is the most basic and major problem that can only be solved by re-installing

There is another problem that exists which is called the printer driver mismatch. It happens when either you downloaded a wrong copy of driver that is not meant for the model of your printer or you updated your driver with a different version from the operating system in your computer. A wrong copy of driver problem cannot be fixed unless you uninstall that driver and re-download the one that is meant for your printer. The version problem cannot be fixed unless you download the driver that is meant for your version of Operating System running in your computer 32 or 64 bit.

Problem With Power Source


Some problems for your printer being offline could be initiating from the power source. HP 4400 printer is a device that needs to draw stable power from a heavy source while printing. Recently installed UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), power cable, extension etc could be the reasons behind printer offline issue. For exterminating this issue, disconnecting the printer from UPS, buying a proper high current power cable, limiting power extensions etc could really help up.

Solving HP Wireless Printer Problem

In case of using the wireless printers like HP DeskJet 3050, the problems like printer offline could be also be from network disconnection or may be an IP conflict. Now, for fixing these issues there is a need of some basic knowledge on wireless networks. The reason behind your printer showing offline status could be simply the pause state as in the pause state the printer show the message ‘offline’ too. The remedy to this problem is simply finding the option of ‘cancel all’ prints and hit it. This can bring your printer from pause state to a fresh start, though this will not resume your previous printing commands.

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