Setting Up A Router For A Wireless Printer

Auto Wireless Printer Technology
Printer Wireless Technology allows you to connect to a printing device without the use of wires. It forms a connection with a wireless network automatically or it enters the specific settings. The printers come with a built-in wireless technology.

Users need to make sure that the software installed is compatible with the network configurations.

The operating system must be one of the following: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.5 +.

The computer needs to have a wireless connection to the network so that the system uses the wireless adapter and then the printer’s software can retrieve the settings of the network.

Such a printer might require a wireless router working on a bandwidth of 2.4 gigahertz.

The computer must not use a static IP address.

Some of these printers take an hour after they are switched on to get into the auto wireless connect mode. If in any case the printer does not connect to the network users should reset by clicking on Restore Network Defaults button which is located in the printer option of the control panel.

Sometimes the printer connects during installation. During such a setup the computer gets disconnected from the network which is wireless. Thus has no access to the internet therefore users must save their online work before installing the software.

Whilst installing the printer software users need to keep following the instructions on the screen. They should select Wireless Network Connection and then click on Yes to send the settings. The software should then complete the process automatically.

Printers that do not come with automatic network connectivity software have a different set of instructions that users need to follow to link the printing machine to the network .

Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS connects devices in two ways. One is called the pushbutton and the other is called PIN. The pushbutton method is simpler than the latter and hence it is more popular.
Here’s how to connect a printer to a wireless network using pushbutton technology.

Users need to start WPS on the printer. The printer manual contains instructions on starting WPS. Before starting installation users need to ensure that:
The printer and the router both support WPS pushbutton mode.

The router has to have a WPS pushbutton on the device itself.

The network must use WPA or WPA2 security. There will be no connectivity if there is no security.

WPS routers will not connect if users are using the manufacturer’s name so users must change the name and should work on a secured network.

Connecting the printer to the network:
Press the WPS push-button on the printer and almost immediately do the same on the router.

How to Set Up router for a Wireless Printer

Users need to change the following:
The manufacture’s name on the wireless router setting for the network name (SSID)

The login details of the router’s account which is the user ID and password.

Enable the printer server to configure the settings.

Use the specified security i.e. WPA or WPA-2.

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