Say Goodbye To HP 4400 Problems

HP possesses the one of the best names in the printer market all around the world. Their machines provide all the good quality and reliability that is an essential need for the office. Presence of a printer in an office is only regarded when it starts making problems and on the other hand a sound printer is mostly not even noticed. HP 4400 is one of the top hit models in a printer marketplace. It is an office jet printer with all in one capability. Looking into this printer, the HP wireless printing capability is a major attraction but this attraction comes up with a few issues that demand a basic knowledge of wireless networks in a user.MC900300940

The wireless printer comes up with issues like printer status offline, paper stuck up and printer hanging. The basic reason for every issue is the changes made by the user himself at certain time in the printer driver and software from HP printer wizard. The printer driver is actually a main link from computer to printer to send data. This driver can be easily installed through CD or downloaded from the official website. If you cannot install the driver from CD or misplaced it, here is the link to download from.

The driver to download must be compatible to the operating system in use, otherwise it will not work. Sometimes re-installing the driver is also a solution to your every problem with printer, it can also be called a reset button. It is also recommended that before installing a new copy of driver, the existing copy should be removed completely. The utility software is basically a beautiful presentation from HP to persuade its user to perform tasks with remarkable quality instead of using the Operating System’s way.

The other problem that matters the most is the wireless network connection. It is surely hard to configure in a heavy fire-walled settings but in an uninterrupted network, it works like a charm. The step by step guide in the user product manual can easily help you to make your way through the process of wireless connectivity.

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