Rapid Solutions To Epson Printer Offline Problems

Epson printers are renowned for their optimum performance in colored picture printing. One of the top hit series for Epson Printers is the Stylus that swarmed in the local market due to the customer need. These printers are generally found in the small studio offices where the major concern of printing stands with the colored graphical pictures that need detailed and sharp outputs. Due to its popularity, people are familiar with the common Epson printer problems and their solutions as they are not hard enough to become a project for a computer guy to fix.

The problems that mostly occur with the Epson printers are mostly due to the changes or obstacles produced by the user himself unintentionally. These problems could be thus fixed easily by following a couple of steps of solution regarding the problems.

Printer Offline At A Bad Moment
Printer Offline At A Bad Moment!

The Epson NX420 is also a color printer made for the image printing purpose. The problem that this printer sometimes comes up with is the printer offline status that stays due to the wireless connection issues. A Wifi printer needs a thorough configuration for placing it inside the network with other computers. In this case there are so many loop holes that can drop a user out in the blue. The best option here to solve any wireless network connection issue is to follow the step by step guide in instruction manual for the printer. The same goes with the other wireless printers including Epson c79.

Epson Stylus T50 is also an impressive model from Epson that found great success. This printer usually has some Epson stylus driver issues making it offline all the time. This issue can be solved easily by uninstalling the driver from the computer properly and installing it again after a healthy reboot. The driver for this printer could be found and installed through the CD given along with the instruction manual from the company. Once the driver is installed the printer will become online again.

Sometimes Epson Stylus SX100 series printers comes up with the driver mismatch problem. This could be solved easily by understanding the reason for mismatch. The drivers are all different for different printers and the Operating Systems they work on. So, the driver you are about to download must be for the model number of printer you possess and for the Operating System you want to run it on. Another thing that you may want to get your eye on is the version of your operating system (32 or 64 bit). The version of Operating System will only accommodate the Driver with similar version.

Another very productive series printers is the Epson Stylus SX200 series, performs great under loads of work. Being a wireless printer, this sometimes comes up with network disconnection. Mostly the reason for this issue to rise up is the IP conflict making it not join the circle of wireless network. This problem has a simple fix. First of all, try to make every computer in the wireless network to automatically assign IP. Now, reboot your wifi router and watch it become online.

Epson stylus DX4400 is a reliable machine to work with. A problem that sometimes makes this Epson Printer Offline is the power issue. This printer needs a stable power source as it draws a great amount of power during printing. The use of UPS (uninterrupted power supply) as a power source could be a bad idea. The power cable for this printer should also be the one designed for this model as it needs to make up for the power being drawn. Any sort of power extension should be removed from in between of the main source and printer.

The printer model Epson Stylus TX210 is a high performance model that one could really rely on. This printer has the only problem about not waking up after the sleep mode. This problem persists due to the printer being paused from some internal command. This problem cannot be solved by resuming the prints. The solution to this problem is simply to click on cancel all prints. This seems to work just fine and wakes up the printer in no time. A bit drawback to this fix is that the past print commands would be all cancelled and you have to line the entire documents list up again.

A common problem with the Epson Printers is a printer offline problem that persists due to the list of printers being build up in the ‘Printers and Faxes’ option in Control Panel. There you will be able to see a number of copies of your only printer. Remove them all and add up your printer again there. This will solve your printer offline problem for now.

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