Lets Shake Hands With Lexmark Printer

It’s very important to point down the problem causing your Lexmark printer offline. For that, all you got to do is to figure out the error it is displaying on the Lexmark printer built-in LCD. Once you get the direction of your problem, the phase of solving it comes over. For every specific error, there is a particular solution present for getting over it.

Generally the Lexmark Printer Error 80, usually means the Scheduled Maintenance comes up the most causing your Lexmark Printer status offline. First thing to do is to unplug the printer completely from the power and then remove the printer head. Wipe out the contacts of printer head with an eraser to rub off all the carbon deposits on it very gently. Now, use a tissue for the cleaning in the end. Re-insert the printer head and the probability of the problem solved increases dramatically.

Sometimes the Lexmark printers drop offline just due to the issues with the cables attached with the power and computer. For check on this problem, try using a separate cable for power and USB. In case of any cable busted, this fix could give life to your printer again.

The Lexmark Printer Error 31 is also an issue causing to stop all the action going on. This actually means that the printer cartridges are damaged or totally done with. The reason behind this could be re-using of old cartridges after refilling it again and again. New cartridges could be bought in impressive discounts on the site Lexmark at this time of need.

Sometimes the Lexmark x422 shows an offline status even when the print command is stuck up. The problem do not solve on resuming it. The only thing that could be done is to cancel all the printing commands by right clicking on the current print. This method sometimes helps in reanimating your printer once again in no time.

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