Is My Warranty Void?

This is a very interesting discussion for when you buy a printer and hope for claiming your warranty in time. But there are a few limitations that might get in your way. These printer companies had done their research on their product warranty claim and many of us have no idea what evil plan they have come up with.  Following information will help you staying put if you are to claim your warranty and do not want it to get void.

Warranty Act Of Magnuson-Moss

This is a single ACT that is enough for the manufacturers to keep themselves away from this warranty stress. This act have too many perks for them and negligible for the consumer.

According to what this ACT says, any alteration or changes made in the product (printer) would void the warranty claim. Now, this can include too much that you have no idea about. Regarding printers these are the very basic actions that could void your warranty.

  • Change of ink-cartridge to any other compatible one
  • Refilling ink into branded cartridges
  • Resetting the Printer Memory
  • Changing branded printer RAM

Hence, any aftermarket part or consumable installed in the printer would void your warranty. This surely sounds pathetic that you have to stick to their branded products and follow their monopoly. You can see that by taking advantage of this situation, the price of a branded ink cartridge levels a champagne bottle. Many people do not know this ACT and had their warranty void within a month after installing the aftermarket cheap cartridges. Regarding these acts, your product service center will refuse to even look into the problem which is lame.

What Should We Do Then?

What we could do is also a very smart move. But first of all you have to get your direction straight on the case that you are not doing something wrong or crying over the spilled milk. The manufacturer has played you with the Warranty Act and that was wrong, you can prove this.

Actually, it is true that no one wants their product to be tempered with the aftermarket consumable. It is a just act. The point to be raised here is the ignorance of the printer manufacturers. These guys for repairing do not even look into the problem if it is even caused by the aftermarket part or not. All you need to know if your aftermarket installments have done something bad with the product or it was literal manufacturer fault. One may want to know about what category the problem lies in. This is the point where customer comes into the game.Warranty being void or not is another thing to talk about then. For getting it checked you may need the help of authorities to play there part.

How Can The Authorities Help Me?

There is a Government body called Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This department works only for the consumers to protect them from fraud and unfair business. All you got to do is to explain them over your complaint about the brand and ask them to take notice of this through Magnuson-Moss Act of Warranty. This might take you somewhere close to claiming your warranty. You may file your complaint here at the official website of FTC online or use their contact number.

  • 1-877-382-4357

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