How To Troubleshoot OkiData Printer Problems

OkiData printers have a remarkable reputation in the corporate world. These printers are totally meant to be relied on even in the busiest of the hours.  The okidata Digital b4600 Black printer is a very smart and intelligent laser printer. It’s a monochrome printer (prints in only black and white) with a quick performance of Laser printing technology that is perfectly suitable for a small office type situation. There are a few checks that could be done daily for making the performance of this printer to rub off a while. This check list could really help for a trouble free day at the office.

This okidata Digital b4600 laser printer indicates all the errors through the blinking LED lights, this LED changes its position from model to model and is not very hard to find. It could be easily found through the marking on it. When this led blinks for a 1 second delay then there would be any of these problems stated below,

  • Paper Jam
  • Incorrectly Installed Printer Cartridge
  • Wrong Toner

Paper Jam!

Now the first thing to be done is to look for the jammed papers. This could be easy locating. Now, to take it out, open the top cover. Detach the printer cartridge (Drum + Toner pack). It could be HOT so be very careful while doing this. As you have now reached the location of paper jamming, pull the paper out in the direction of outlet. Attach the printer cartridge back on and paper jam issue will be solved.

Wrong Installation Of Printer Cartridge

At this stage, in case of no paper jam the problem to fix could be the wrong installation of Printer Cartridge. This is an easy fix, the top cover cannot be closed completely without okidata Digital b4600 laser printer toner being perfectly attached with-in. If your cover is not freely positioned then you might have misplaced your cartridge or probably attached the wrong one. Recheck your cartridge and reinsert it for animating your printer again.

It is always a good practice to check on the reviews on every electronics product you are about to buy. For instance, okidata Digital b4600 laser review could help you to look for okidata b4600 weight etc accordingly to your interest.

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