How To Set Up Cloud Printer

When one brings up the “cloud-printing” topic, the Google Cloud Print service is often the service discussed as if it’s a generic offering, or if it applies to every cloud-printing variety. In fact, even when one types ‘cloud print’ in the search section of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia redirects the user to the Google service page. This is because the service is the most popular and widely used cloud-printing service. Therefore, for the purpose of this article, it makes sense to talk about how to set up cloud printer with Google’s proprietary service.

Setting Up the Cloud Printer

With cloud-printing, it’s possible to direct any image or document to any printer without geographical restrictions. For instance, the technology makes it possible to print documents on a home printer while being at work. Generally, such high-tech capabilities involve complex network configurations. With cloud-printing, a few clicks are more than enough. Let’s learn how to get started with cloud-printing.

Things Needed

• Google Chrome browser.
• An Internet-enabled or regular printer. Any kind of printer is usually fine; however, the setup instructions may vary.
• An Internet-connected or active computer (a printer-connected computer).
• An account with Google.

The Setup Process

• First, ensure your computer has Chrome installed. Also, the printer should be connected to the computer and make sure normal printing is feasible.

• Launch the Chrome browser and hit the menu sign at the right upper corner. Select “settings” (in case of a Mac, “Preferences”) and choose the tab “Under the Hood”.


Now scroll to the bottom, to the appropriate cloud-printing section and choose the option to sign in.


• Use your Google account to sign in to the window that shows up. This would enable the connector feature on the system.

• Click the complete printer registration button message as soon as it appears.


• If everything works out as per plans, you’d get a confirmation, and it would offer the link to manage printers. Click the link to check that all available printers show up on the system.


Additional Features

One of the greatest benefits or features of this printing option is the ability to share the printer with other users. To begin sharing usage or lend authority to other users, select any printer from the list and hit the green-colored ‘share’ button. This would lead to a small pop-up. Just type in the other individual or user’s email and select the ‘share’ option. If you want to remove the name of a person from the list in the future, you may do that anytime.

The above set of instructions is good enough for cloud-printing from a site page; however, there is a little bit more you could do. In other words, a Mac desktop or even a smartphone can be used for cloud-printing needs – especially if you aren’t keen on using Google’s browser.

Printing from a Smartphone

The Android operating system has a lot of options for cloud-printing needs, obviously, with an app dedicated for printing assistance that’s available in the Google Docs app. Third-party smartphone apps can also join the party – such as Mobile Print, PrinterShare, and Easy Print. These apps help extract more printing assistance from the mobile OS. iOS users, on the other hand, may check out the iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone-compatible app called PrintCentral Pro for printing via the cloud. Any smartphone could use these printing services by utilizing the mobile web applications of Google.

Printing from a Mac

Though Windows does not have any dedicated app for cloud-printing, Mac OS X has one within its kitty. Appropriately called Cloud Printer, the Mac App Store has it available for a free download. It’s by no way a perfect application since it’s only capable of handling documents viewable by Google Docs. Also, its functioning is not like a real printer and wants you to choose a document or file that you’d like to print from the app. Despite these drawbacks, it still manages to be a simple and zero-cost way to print from a Mac without Chrome’s aid.


Once the installation and setup is done, you may begin printing from anywhere and any machine listed in the account. Though the cloud-based printing domain hasn’t gained necessary steam yet, it’s certainly one for the future.

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