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How to Fix Printer Offline Issue

Printer is Offline

Sometimes a simple task such as printing on a sheet of paper from printer becomes annoying. You want to print a document for important home or office work, you choose “Print”, and select the printer and it dawns on you that the printer has gone haywire. You open “Printer” menu from Control Panel and the next thing you see is a “Printer Offline” message. Though it is a very irritating situation but the solution can be very easy.

Printer Fixes

Printer Offline
Printer is Offline

Here is how we will fix the printer problem. First try to set printer online from within the windows. For this go to Control Panel, then “Printers”. Open the printer’s setting; you are currently using, and select “Use Printer Online”.

Check if there are any print jobs remaining. To do this open the printer settings and select “Cancel All Documents”. A stuck print job may cause the printer to go offline. Now check if the printer is back online and try to print a test page.

Turn the printer off, and then back on. Make sure that the printer is not jammed. Next check the network connections to verify that none of them are loose.

If the problem has not been fixed till now then the next thing is to reinstall the driver. For this go to “Printer Settings” and open the “Properties”. Under the “General” tab look for the driver button.  Select the driver and reinstall it. If the driver is not listed in the list, you will have to download it from the printer manufacturer’s website.

If all else has failed then the last thing is reinstalling the printer. For this open the printer settings menu, select the printer and delete it. Now reinstall it through the “Add Printer” wizard. Make sure that you install latest printer drivers, from the printer manufacturer’s website, along with the printer.

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