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How to bring a Wireless Printer back Online

Gone are the days when printing meant to connect fat cables of clumsy printers to close by computers and to keep the computers on just because the printer won’t work if the computer is turned off.

Wireless Printer Goes Offline

Wireless Printer Offline
Brother Wireless Printer

Now, with the advent of different wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth the printer have gone wireless too. Printers now come with a built-in Network wireless adapter, which lets them print from remote computers. Thus eliminating the need of cables and letting it be placed anywhere in the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range. But this has given rise to wireless printer problems. What if a wireless printer goes offline?

Troubleshooting Wireless Printer Problems

Let us examine the problem and see what we can do to bring a wireless printer back online. One of the most common problems which arise when you want to print documents through a wireless printer is that your computer is not properly communicating with the printer.  It happens when you have connected your computer directly to the modem.  So the first thing you will have to arrange, in order to use a wireless printer, is a router.  Router is the device which will let your computer communicate with the printer in a wireless environment.

The next thing is the printer driver. Usually we install the printer driver in only one computer and try to print from another. Therefore, the printer driver must be installed for the computer to detect a printer. One thing more which needs attention is that the computer must be placed within the range of wireless signals.

If there is a firewall installed on the computer it will also block the communication with the printer. So check and disable any firewall blocking the access.

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