Getting Over Your Lexmark Printer Problems Efficiently

If you are not happy from your Lexmark printer being disappointing you when you need it the most then you are at a right place to fix your every Lexmark Related issue. Defined below are the common Lexmark problems along with their solution to make your Lexmark work in no time. Search for your desired problem and get your solution right away.

Daily Routine Check

Before starting your printer in the beginning of the work time make sure to follow these steps to cut through the basic problems with these fixes,

Think about fixing rather than throwing it away!!
Think about fixing, rather than throwing it away!!
  • Check for the AC Power Cable Plugged with the wall power socket firmly. If your Printer is not responding to the Power (Not turning ON) try a different power socket. 
  • Check for the USB Cable connected to your computer port and printer. If your computer is not detecting any action when you inserted the USB cable then try to restart the computer. In case of the problem persists, get a new USB cable for your printer. 
  • Open your printer’s plastic cover and look for your laser toner or ink cartridges and take them out. Check the ink levels and put them back inside making sure they are properly in place. This method will take you away from your printer showing the bad cartridge or other problems regarding head.

Read The LCD Screen

Mostly people avoid it but basically this is the best way to figure out what is wrong with your printer. Lexmark Printers communicates with its users in terms of LCD error messages to show what is going wrong with them. Properly read the LCD Screen of your Lexmark Printer and look for any errors it is showing. If there is an error, look for it in the manual to get complete information of what it really mean. Some common errors are,

  • Error 80, this is a very general error that means you have reached your scheduled Maintenance. If you do not want your scheduled maintenance and let go of this error message then you need to follow these steps,
  • Press and Hold SELECT and RETURN while powering up your Printer –> Keep Holding for 10 Seconds Straight –> Error 80 Bypasses –> Use Right MENU arrow key till you are there on the RESET MAIN CNT option –> Press SELECT –> SAVED message appears  –> Do a normal reboot –> Problem Solved

Now if you fail to bypass the error 80 in the fourth step then you may need to press GO or SELECT button to make it go. In any case you have done the whole procedure and there is still this error showing up, do this all again until it vanishes.

  • Error 20, this is also a common error. A quick fix would be removing and reinserting the toner cartridge. 
  • Error 31, warns you of a defected cartridge. Replace your current cartridge and buy a new one when this happens.

Update Your Driver

The driver for Lexmark sometimes gets conflicted or may show hindrance with the operating system from time to time. This happens not everywhere but one should know the fixes related to it.

  • Driver not picking up the Printer?
    This could be due to the problem with USB cable or the Port in your computer but the best guess is the Driver going crazy. This could be overcome by re-installing the driver from either the CD provided along with the instruction manual or from the official website of Lexmark.
  • Driver Mismatch?
    If you are new to the printer and have installed a wrong driver that is not meant for your printer then try to search for your driver with your Printer’s Model number. Let’s put the obvious aside and discuss about version. If the downloaded versions like 32 and 64 bit (x64 and x86) respectively are not similar to the OS version in your computer, try to download the similar to make the driver mismatch problem go away.
  • Why Update?
    Lexmark go for the more efficient and constructive driver updates for time to time to fix some minor issues in handling the instructions of printers. User should always keep updated to the latest driver offered from Lexmark. Doing this is too easy, go to your printer properties and hit update driver. It will automatically update you to the latest one.

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