Get Your Canon Printer Work In No Time

Canon printers are one of a kind when it comes to the colored graphical picture printing. The quality and perfection in the printer powered by a Canon is a great blend. From time to time these printers show an error of Canon Printer offline that has nothing to do with user. People usually freak out from these types of errors but little did they know that these problems are initiated by themselves unintentionally through playing around in the canon printer settings. Problem like these are very easy and simple to mend and there is no need for taking it to repair workshop and spending both the money and time on it.

Hopeless With Your Canon Printer?
Hopeless With Your Canon Printer?

A few related problems with canon printer are mentioned as below along with their particular fixes. Let’s start with the easy and simple problems with their fixes,

  • At First the most common problem of all is the paper jamming issue. This issue’s fix is particularly very important to learn as it flows in all printers. All you got to do is taking out the jammed paper and hit the reset button in front of your canon printer. A quick lesson to learn for stopping this from happening is to make a habit to shuffle all the papers gently before stacking it up to the input paper tray. 
  • Secondly the problem of blank paper outputs appears the most. This is probably due to the reason of your ink cartridge that leveled zero. This is always a good practice to keep backup cartridges or refills and keeping an eye over your current ink levels. If this is not the case of your blank paper outputs then you might need to reinstall your printer driver. 
  • Most of the old canon printer comes up with the problems like printer head clogged. This is basically due to the reason of cartridges used roughly. This could be easily fix by finding clean cartridges option in the maintenance menu of printers properties. This actually cleans the print head automatically. 
  • In any other case than the one mentioned above, you can always use the ‘Master Reset Method’ that is reinstalling the drivers and utility software again after a quick uninstall of old with a proper healthy restart. 

Now, let’s go to the errors that canon printers show on their LCD screen,

  • The first thing to do for any specific issue with canon printer is to check for the driver updates that mostly remove the bugs and glitches with the old versions and raises the probability of fixing up the problem right in front.
  • Sometime the Waste Ink Error messes around and stops all the printing action in the workspace. There is a very easy solution to this problem. Go to the NVRAM option and set all the levels of ABS-M and ABS-P to Zero. Exit and Restart the printer to say goodbye to this Waste Link Error.
  • Wrong Cartridge Error also sometimes tests your temperament. The easy fix to this error starts with removing all power inputs. Now take out the cartridges and head. Clean the head with the help of lukewarm water and put it somewhere to dry off. Use an eraser to rub off the carbon from the contact of head in printer and use tissue to clean the remains. Pack it all up and reinsert the power cable. This method works 80% of the time. If this problem persists, you got to see a repair guy.
  • For resolving the EoDo2 error from your canon printer LCD and make it run like before, there is not much to do. Turn off your printer completely by removing the power and USB cords. All you got to do is to clean the sender stripe and cartridges. Find the sender stripe behind the rubber belt along the main hatch placed horizontally.

If the above methods does not satisfy you from your printer problems then your problem is not that simple to solve and will need some firsthand knowledge of computer networks, drivers compatibility and the versions of Operating Systems.  These can be discussed as below,

  • If your canon printer driver is not being detected when you plug in the USB cable to your computer then the problem is with driver. The driver is probably corrupted, bugged or having any sort of conflict with the operating system. If you have an installation CD from the manufacturer then the righteous thing to do is to use it for reinstallation.
  • If you have recently downloaded a new driver from internet then there are chances of having a problem with the wrong version of driver download. Actually the version of driver in terms of bits is very necessary to be similar to your running Operating System’s version.

If you are looking for the drivers for your Canon printer, you may find it here in My Backup.

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