General Problems and Solutions To Zebra Printer Errors

Zebra printers are a fine resource when you are planning to track and keep count of your products. These printers are special purpose printers and are used to blend in all the information from the manufacturer on the product. The labels and barcodes are the wide fields where these zebra printers are mostly seen in majority. Due to its use in such a large field, there are many solutions that are out there for the common problems.

What Does Led Conditions And Color Means?

The following table explains that what printer status is really meant by what condition and color of LED action. This is a very handy table and would help you find your way through problems.

What LED Status Really Means??
What LED Status Really Means??



Having Problems? Fix ‘em Now!

1.      Power Failure

If your printer is not receiving power then there must be one of these two problems,

  • Check if the printer is even turned ON?
  • Re-Check your all power connections from the wall outlet to the power source and then to the printer.

2.      Printer In Idle State

This is not a major problem and will fix on its own. Wait for it.

3.      Power Failure On Self-Test

In case this errors appears right when you start your printer. There must been something got busted inside. See your authorized reseller.

4.      Shortage Of Memory

Whenever this error appears, don’t be alarmed. Restart the printer with power ON and OFF. Now resume your printing. Memory gets refreshed in the process.

5.      Receiving Data

It is also a very general problem, more of a delay. This ‘printer is receiving data’ appears when the communication link between the printer and computer gets busy. All you go to do is to wait in this condition.

6.      Media/Ribbon Out Error

This error could go by loading a roll of media along with the instructions given here. Now your error must be fixed and the printer is ready to follow your command.

7.      Head Open Error

Quickly close the cover at top and then hit feed button. Printing will be resumed. If not, then there must be the problem with the top cover sensor. If the sensor is not giving the signal of top cover closed it must be busted and need to be replaced. Otherwise there is also a Fuse in the electronic board that would need a replacement.

8.      Paused Printer Head

If you have to resume, all you have to do is to hit the feed button and it will resume all the printing action again for you.

9.      Printer Head Under Temp

When this printer head under temperature error appears, keep the printing process on. This will automatically get the printer to the normal working mode temperature.

10. Printer Head Over Temp

This error bugs when the printer gets over used in a warm climate. Now for getting over it, all you got to do is to stop the printing for a while and let it rest. It will automatically begin the printing as soon as it gets to normal temperature.

11. Flash Memory Not Programmed

This means that due to voltage fluctuation or any other reason the FLASH memory in printer which stores the print designs is wasted. See your authorized dealer and get it re-programmed or something.

Calibrate Your Printer From Time To Time

Press and hold the FEED button down till it blinks 1 time then 2 times and the 3 times. When it blinks the 4 times release the FEED button. A few labels will be fed to the auto calibrate process and then the printer will adjust itself accordingly. When it gets over, the printer is ready to print tags and labels.

There are many other user friendly steps that could be learnt and understood through directing your attention towards the Zebra User Manual, here.This will always help you increase the performance of zebra printer.

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