Expand Your Printer Remaining Lifetime

Sometimes when you are jiggling with your old printer or have just bought a new one, you may love to expand the remaining lifetime of your printer. A printer lifetime can be increased by simply keeping it well maintained and use it through some daily tips and tricks. By following this article, you may get able to learn about how to clean printer heads, getting over with printer grinding noises and saving money from expensive inkjet cartridges. Rough use of printers will be possible through these printers with care taking methods, otherwise after sometime you may end up with your printer not working.

A Laser Printer’s Drum Unit Life

If you are getting curious about remaining life of your drum unit, print your PRINTER SETTINGS PAGE. A printer setting page could be easily read and could help user find out the remaining life of drum unit. Now, for every brand of printers there is a different method of printing a printer setting page. Here is the method from Brother Printers, if you have any other printer, find the method in the instruction manual or online website.

In case of brother printer, turn on the power switch and wait for the READY light to appear BLUE and STEADY. Now, Hit the GO button for three times and wait for the PRINTER SETTINGS PAGE to be printed.

This Printer Setting Page will let you know of the remaining lifetime of drum unit. It will be correct in only two conditions.

  • You had never reset the drum unit memory during the time you are using it.
  • You had always reset the drum counter when installed a new drum unit.

For instance your drum remaining life has been shown 0%. You can always continue your current drum till the very end. This is thus recommended for the Quality Printing that the drum should be replaced.

An Inkjet Printer’s Cartridge Life

Now, in case of inkjet printers, there are many of this kind. For a cubical or a home use, these printers are very popular. Only the ink cartridge for this printer is too expensive, a bottle of champagne is a bit cheaper.

For resolving this issue and expanding the life of ink cartridge itself, all you got to do is to use a toothpick or a needle for activating the memory reset button on the cartridge. Story behind this action is that a cartridge begins to display the low ink error even where there is a reserve of ink left in it. For using that reserve, you have to reset the memory on cartridge to stop conflicting with this error. Find a small hole like the one in the CD/DVD-ROM to manually eject the Disk Try and press it with a paper clip or something. This rests the memory and you get your access to ink reserves. Dry it out completely before getting it cheaply refilled or buying a new one.

Cheaply refilled ink may not look that good on paper and have some Quality Issues but could be used regarding the aspects of work.