Configuring Zebra Thermal Printer Driver

The zebra barcode printer tlp 2844 are a very essential resource in a production or inventory department. It is widely used due to the label and barcode printings. A little did people know about zebra printers is the supportive stuff that could be used as zebra printer upgrades. For instance, zebra printer stand and zebra printer stepper motor s600 could become really handy for lubricating the whole process. The zebra printer tags are yet the most widely printed material, also known as labels.

The zebra printer technical data is also very important when it comes to the zebra printer tech support. Some of the key configuration for zebra printers could be,

Zebra Printer Syntax

In Designing the label for printing in the zebra label printing software utility, there is a need to take care of the syntax. There are many standards that could be followed or new ones could be created. For the programming there are a few coding basics that could be learnt and edited for specific use of zebra machine. You can see the guide here. If nothing satisfies you then you can always get a check on zebra label printers troubleshooting guide.

Mostly Observed Errors

There are a few errors that could stop all the action in the zebra printing process. These common error along with their fixes are stated below,

1.      Ribbon Out Error

This error appears due to the following main reasons,

  • Sensor getting Dirty or has been defected
  • Using a ribbon that is opaque
  • Extremely high intensity of LED

For solving any of these, first of all go the option RIBBON LED. Make sure that it ranges from 45 to 65. After doing that, if the error is still there then the problem is actually with the sensor hardware that would need a replacement or repair.
One other thing that you could do would be locating the fuse on the main logic board. It would be represented by FUSE 1 on it. In usual cases this fuse gets blown, replace it and the problem is gone.

2.      Media Out Error

This would need a couple of steps to follow. At first, press the SETUP key then press and hold the NEXT key until the MEDIA & RIBBON CALIBRATE option appears. Now press the BLACK OVAL KEY on the right side. Now it will display REMOVE RIBBON. Trick here is to either remove the ribbon manually or at least sliding it away as possible. Sandwich the ribbon as usual. Press the BLACK OVAL key on the right hand again. Now a message will appear CALIBRATING PLEASE WAIT. When it will complete, RELOAD ALL message will be displayed. Place everything in position and choose PERMANENT SAVE for the configuration.

3.      Head Open Error

This error makes people really frustrated as after even closing the head or not even opening it for once, the printer displays this Head Open Error. Obviously the head is not open but intact, thus the problem is occurring due to the senor that conveys the Head’s position. For making this go away get your printer serviced. If that does not help, get the head sensor replaced from the factory repair shop.

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