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Troubleshooting Print Server Offline Issues

Print server is a network device, software application or a computer which acts as an intermediary between a number of computer s and printers. It accepts printing jobs form different client computers and sends them to appropriate printers. If a print server goes down it can be a very troublesome situation, as it will bring down the whole printing infrastructure to a halt in an office.

Troubleshooting Print Server

IOGEAR Print Server

So it’s vital to keep a print server up and running all the time. Let us see what common issues can arise with a print server, which may wholly stop its functionality.

Common Issues That Can Arise in Printer Server

One of the most common problems is that there are old printers, which do not come with updated drivers, plugged with a system having latest operating systems installed on them. These old printers unstable the whole network. Therefore if there are printers with outdated drivers installed on a network, they should be removed.

Troubleshooting Printer Server

Now let’s go deeper into the problem and troubleshoot some communication issues.

First of all, make sure that the communication with printer over the network is alright. Ping command may be used to verify the connectivity if the printer uses TCP/IP protocol. See to it that communication with the print server from other computers is fine. Next check that the print spool service is running on the print server, and there is sufficient disk space available for this service to run efficiently.

Print Server Problem in Windows Server 2008

Another problem which may arise in Server 2008 is the print driver using SNMP to communicate with the printer without getting any response. Here is how to fix this problem. Right click on the printer and go to properties. Go to Ports tab and click on Configure Port, then uncheck the “SNMP Status Enabled”.

This will solve the problem.