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What to Do When a Network Printer goes Offline

Tech gadgets have made have our life easier beyond measure. But on the same hand, because of them, we are now far more prone to frustration. Nothing irritates us more than when something goes wrong with one of our printer, laptop or any other electronic device and we don’t know how to fix it.

Network Printer Offline

Network Printer Offline

HP LaserJet Printer

One such problem is when you have got to print something important and all of a sudden your network printer goes offline. Since Network printers are shared between a number of users, if the problem is not solved immediately when arose, it could escalate into a disaster. First backlogged print spool builds up, and then CPU usage shoots up and as a result server crashes bringing the entire business to a halt.

Before a nightmarish scenario like that happens let’s see what we can do to avert the problem.  First of all check the cable and connectors, if the connection is not right the printer might show offline status.  Nowadays most printers come with a built-in offline button. Check if that button is in the “on” position.

You can also disable the offline mode from within the windows. For this open the Control Panel, you will see a “Printers and Faxes” icon. Open it and you will see a list of printers installed on your system. Now select the printer you want to disable online mode for.  Double clicking that printer will result in a pop-up window from where you can disable printer offline mode.

If this does not work then right click on Network Printer, choose Properties, at the very end of the list.  In the window that opens go to Ports tab and click on Configure Port. Uncheck where the next dialogue box which says “SNMP Status Enabled”. If all else fails reinstall the driver. This will eventually solve the network printer problem.

How to bring a Wireless Printer back Online

Gone are the days when printing meant to connect fat cables of clumsy printers to close by computers and to keep the computers on just because the printer won’t work if the computer is turned off. Wireless Printer Goes Offline Now, with the advent of different wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth the printer have goneContinue Reading