Amazing Fixes For Your OkiData Printer Offline Problem

If you have an OkiData LED printer or using it in office, there are always some good tips to remember for a rainy day. There must be some basic troubleshooting skills that you must possess for a bad time. The OL series 400/800 OkiData printers are based on the LED technology. It lies in the laser printer category but technically instead of laser the LEDs are used. This makes this LED series of Oki Data printers much efficient and faster than the LASER printers. By reading and understanding this article, if you manage to gain the ability to fix every common problem that occurs in OkiData Printer then you are completely able to save your money and time needed for repairs.
Some of the basic Fixes For you daily problems with OkiData LED printers are given as follows,

If the pages are getting printed blank then first of all detach the imaging drum and put it somewhere dark for 6+ hours. This because the imaging drums is not meant to be exposed in light as it damages it completely. If placing the drum in dark does not help then go for a new drum. In case of OkiData C9600 see here.

For replacing your new drum in OkiData LED printer, press the blue buttons on the both edges of OkiData printer and open the cover. Pick the LED assembly and remove the imaging drum. After that clean the transfer wire and replace your new drum with the old one. In case of OkiData 320 Microline Printer, see here.

If your paper comes out with a Grey Background then there is a need of changing the paper type. The fibers of cotton inside the paper tend to build up a static charge that can originate an output into a gray tint on the paper.

If your LED printer prints in black everyplace or most of it then your imaging drum needs a replacement.

If he pockmarks on the paper appears then there must be a need of changing the cleaning pad of fuser. For that there are a few easy steps to follow. First of all open up your top cover of printer and try locating the cleaning pad of fuser colored in blue. Move the tab located on the right hand side and then gently to the left side, meanwhile keep your slight pull ON. Now insert your new fuser cleaning pad. Attach it back inside and remember to move the tab over to completely lock it. This fix could also become a solution for any sort of streaks or spotty paper output. In case of OkiData B431DN, see here.

If there are vertical white streaks or the faint spot on the paper then there is a need of toner cartridge change. Open up the cover of your Pinter and press the two tabs located in the front part to make the unit completely unlocked. Now use your sight for the yellow spotting on the both sides of the both cartridges. Use that to pull out the toner cartridge. Attach the cartridges and push them until they locks up perfectly into their place.

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