A Walkthrough For Your OkiData Problems

OkiData provides best of the oki printing solutions for any type of a workspace. Oki B431N is a reliable printing solution for every office. This printer sometimes gives the problem of Oki Toner Waste Bin Full that puts a halt on every printing action. A running office cannot afford these types of delays. There are a few solutions that could bring this printer back to life. It works for ever OkiData Printer with these errors,

  • Oki Toner Waste Bin Full
  • Oki Warning Message (files in our print queue)
  • Oki OPC almost at – End of Life

Now for the case of resolving this entire problem with Oki Data printer, you must go through the following steps.

  1. Install Snow Leopard Driver kit from the official website of OkiData.
  2. Go to your System Preferences in Control Panel and add your Printer.
  3. Try to add your printer as an IP printer making sure your protocol is set to be LPD.
  4. Select your driver for printer correctly by selecting printer using then select printer software.
  5. Now, find your printer and select OKAY.
  6. Problem has been solved.

This step wise method helps for the all three problems that were caused due to the new MAC OS 10.6.8 update that conflicts with the driver.

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