A Print Job Stuck Makes Me Sick!

It has been seen from over the years that windows 7 printer offline problems sometimes initiate from conflicts in current OS and drivers.  This is particularly due to the driver problems that vary from printer to printer regarding their brands. A windows update sometime overwrites the values in the interfacing windows 7 printer drivers and the user gets the message of printer offline. A few common problems that may arise by the windows conflicting printer driver could be handled through following methods,

Method 1 – (Restart Your Spooler Service)

  • Open Windows Control Panel
  • Select System and Maintenance Option
  • Click on Administrative Tools
  • Open up Services
  • Now, scroll down the look for the Printer Spooler option
  • Right Click on it and select the spooler restart
  • Deleted printer jobs would disappear
  • Other Queued jobs will continue printing

Sometimes a Microsoft windows update could ruin this for you and the above process could mend it straight. In case, you are not able to start spooler. Try to end process through Task Manager and go for restarting spooler again. You can also go for your printer utility software reinstall with drivers, if none of above work out for you.

Method 2 – (Manual Spooler Start With Reboot)

  • Open up the Windows drive (C Drive usually)
  • Double Click on the Windows Folder
  • Look for System32 folder and open it up
  • Find the Spool folder
  • Open the Printers Folder
  • You now have manually found the printing documents queue
  • Delete these printing document files
  • Restart your Computer

If you are lost somewhere in between of finding the Printers Folder in any case, copy paste this,
Now, when you are in it, delete all the .shd and .spl files bumped up. Now restart the printer spooler service by restarting your computer.

Method 3 – (Manual Spooler Start Without Reboot)

If you want to do this without restarting your Computer, follow this method for fixing your windows 7 hp printer offline problem.

  • Before starting the Method 2, Open Task Manager
  • Select End Process for Spooler.exe
  • Continue with Method 2 till the restarting step appears
  • Now, instead of restarting Open Run
  • Put this in the dialog box and hit Run button
  • Go to the Printer and Faxes Folder in Control Panel
  • Refresh your printer for a couple of times

Method 4 – (Manual Spooler Start With Queue Continued)

If your printer is Hung with a print Job, all there was to do was to restart the Computer. Now, you can follow the following methods to do it easily without any saved work lost.

  • Open Run
  • Type NET STOP SPOOLER in dialog box
  • Open Up
  • Look for and slect .spl and .shd files in the time span of your print jobs hung
  • Delete the selected
  • Open Run
  • Type NET START SPOOLER in dialog box
  • Now Refresh and Continue your work

This method would be very useful for the share printer windows 7.

Method 5 – (Automatic Spooler Start)

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Systems and Security
  • Look for Find and Fix Problem and Open it
  • Open Hardware and Sound
  • Click on Use A Printer Option
  • Opens a Troubleshooting Wizard
  • Click Next To Begin

Now, the spooler will be automatically reactivated and the stuck print jobs will be discarded.

Method 6 – (Bypass The Spooler Services)

The spooler service is the one getting all the problems here, it has a few perks but you can instantly end it for greater good if you like. Here is the method to do so,

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to Printers
  • Open Printer Properties
  • Uncheck the option of sending documents to printer spooler
  • Check the option of sending print jobs directly to the printer
  • Voila, It’s done


Method 7 – (Lower Down You Security Barriers)

If your printer offline windows 7 then you can apply this method to get it back online.

  • Turn off the User Account Control
  • Find Printer Properties and Open Advanced
  • Click Print Processor
  • Now change the Printer Processor to RAW
  • Printer offline windows 7 problem is gone


Method 8 – (Repair Through Command Prompt)

  • Open Run and type cmd
  • Command Prompt window appears
  • Type these in given sequencenet stop spooler
    del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.shd
    del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.spl
    net start spooler
  • Close Command Prompt and refresh


The Basic Reason For Stuck-up?

The above methods will serve you well in the problems of you printer with the Windows OS and make you understand on how to connect printer to computer. There are only two reasons left if your printer showing up offline in windows 7.

  • Size of your document is too large for the printer to handle
  • The preferences of printer are set too high, (dpi should be kept 300 or less)

The basic reason behind all these problems is not a failure from Microsoft Windows OS. It is actually due to the printer driver brand and OS interface conflict. A few drivers from HP have a very bad understanding with the Microsoft OS and are usually the reason behind printer offline problems. Microsoft and Printer Brand Company do not like to sit together until it is a very serious issue of customer support.

A simple thing to do for refreshing your driver interface is,

Take out the USB cable from your printer and restart the computer. When the computer starts properly reinsert the USB cable for fresh diver interface rebuild. From this method, much of the printing memory problems disappear. For instance, if your printer was printing an old page from its memory that was once in its queue then it could be fixed through this solution.