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Troubleshooting “Printer Offline” issues in different types of printing scenarios

In olden days printing meant that a single printer attached to a computer with bulky cables. It was a tiresome job back then. With the advent of new technologies the printers have evolved too. Now there are a wide range of printing environments available from basic wired printers to sophisticated wireless printers and from network printing to print servers.

Printer TroubleshootingWith the evolution of printers there problems have evolved too. In the past a malfunctioning printer meant a stuck print job, insufficient supply of ink or paper or some connection issues. But now printers face a whole set of complicated problems, which involve complex troubleshooting. One of these problems is a printer giving Printer Offline message.

Let us see how we can fix printer offline issue in different types of printers.

Basic printer attached to computer through wire

Some of the simplest problems are often the most common ones. Having a printer not connected to the computer via a USB cable or missing power switch is often the most common issue. It can easily be fixed by attaching the wire.

Printer is Stuck

A number of reasons can cause such printers to give “Printer Offline” message. Most common of them being a stuck print job, which can be fixed by selecting “Cancel All Documents” option from printer settings. Printer may be set online from the Control Panel by checking “Use Printer Online” option.  If this doesn’t solve the problem try reinstalling the drivers.

Fixing “Printer Offline” problem in Wireless Printers

Wireless printers usually give this error when they are not able to communicate with the computer properly. Therefore make sure that there is a router plugged in the system when you want to use a wireless printer. Problems with printer drivers in different computers may also halt the printing process.

When using a wireless printer make sure that the firewall, installed on the computer, is disabled.

What to do when a network printer goes down

A network printer is shared between a large numbers of client computers. The offline issue in a network printer may be fixed from within the Control Panel or by turning on the button, if the printer comes with a built-in Off-line button.

Print Server Offline issues

Commonly print servers give this error if there are printers with outdated drivers on the network. Another issue faced by them is faulty communication over the network. Also check the print spool service and make sure there is ample disk space available for the service to run smoothly.